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    Enable 460+ Emoji Icons

    Enable 450+ emoji icons for iOS. Input the emoji icons by a Global Emoji Keyboard in any Apps.

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    600+ Unicode Symbols

    Input 600+ unicode symbols from a user-friendly symbol keyboard.

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    Favorites Icons

    Assign favorites level to Emoji and Unicode Symbols, access the symbols instantly in the favorities list.

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    Frequently used icons can be input directly with Text2Emoji. e.g. Type :) and it will automatically convert to a smiley icon.

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    Suggest list of words from your freqently used words when you type. In general, there is a limitation of words a person knows in his vocabulary. Actually, we always type the same set of words and thus our AutoComplete feature can accurately suggests what you want to type.

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    Type faster using abbreviation shortcut which converted into long text snippet.

You can create a library of abbreviation shortcuts for text clips that you use frequently, such as addresses, standard replies, chat shorthands, text arts and symbols. Type the shortcut and Tap AutoText, it will automatically expands to the full text clip or the symbols.

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    Text Arts

    Text Arts in Library for your Fun status update in Facebook, Twitter,SMS, Email etc.

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    Cool TextStyles

    Cool facebook & twitter update with our 10 cool textsyles, like upsidedown text and buttble text.

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    Type & Walk

    Typing in a transparent viewport and help you avoid obstacles when walking.